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July 6, 2008


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Project Educate Stock & Resources.


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Brought to you by your Friendly Neighbourhood Gallery teams:

Resources: Skullalicious bleedsopretty Tall Dark and Mysterious  LawrenceDeDark and Choccafluff’nstuff znow-white

Stock: Zappy uncontrollable UnicornReality Tall dark and mysterious twin  LawrenceDeDark and Blouse of Plenty lyastri

The object of these articles are to help you familiarize yourself with the vast selection of resources that are available within the Resources gallery. The resource gallery is a hive of activity and has much to offer to help in your creative processes and genre. We are so lucky to have such a large and diverse selection ranging from  3D,Clipart,Film Resources, Fonts, Fractal, textures, literature templates, tutorials and  Vector together with many Application Resources for image editing programmes.
All resources are quite easily found by clicking the main drop down menu for categories on front page. From there you will see many categories with their sub categories and as a further option you can further define your search via the small search bar on the right, just as you would for the rest of the devaintART galleries.


Textures are those touchy feely surfaces that give sensation, tell a story, and surround us in everyday life. Without texture our lives would be bland and uninteresting, but they also have a great significance in the world of visual arts. They can be used to enhance, compliment and add depth to many an image design or project.

Textures We are luckily enough to have in abundance here on deviantART.So we invite you to take your time while browsing this unique gallery.

To find Textures on deviantArt   Browse > Resources > Textures.

Below are just a random few examples and a just a taste of what our gallery has to tempt you.


Textures that contain little or no recognizable or realistic forms from the physical world and focus on elements such as colours, lines, or shapes.

abstract experimental - vol 2 by resurgerejul82 by masterjinn:thumb70095833::thumb89632002:
The whisper by Silverleaf91 Texture 003 by Lexanatexture aa2 by andreuccettiart


Textures that are of flat surfaces, including tiled floors and walls.

texture Wall 08 by stockmacedonia1733x2427 Untld. 17 by pandoraiconsMalachite by kiso-myruso-stock
tex004 by stockchinaConcrete Wall 1 by mdprattFloor Textures II by DruKa


Metallic luster displaying a reflective, shiny, lustrous appearance,

Acrylic Gold Paint Swirl Stock by Enchantedgal-StockTemabinaStock 002851 by temabinastockGolden Texture by japanstocks
Abalone Shell Metallic Texture by Enchantedgal-StockTexture - Foil 1 by Dori-StockFoil texture II by AnnFrost-stock


Textures that do not stand out when one sees them daily.

vintage wax by TSPStockOld paper by darkrose42-stockCanvas Texture White Paper by Enchantedgal-Stock:thumb86677374::thumb47008406:


Textures that are metallic and are at some point in the oxidation process.

Macro Graffiti by tExTuReMaTtIcFired wall by thespook6 Rusted Stone Textures by deadcalm-stock484 by janograf2
Bubkiss by dazzle-texturesTexture1 by 5-0-5


Textures that have ripples, waves, whitecaps, etc.

Roxstock_waterPlay by RoxStockWater1 by Armathor-StockTurquoise Waves texture by MapleRose-stock
Water Texture 12 by GreenEyezz-stock:thumb79005038:Bubble attack 09 by LucieG-Stock


Textures that mimic wood in that they have wood grains

Wood texture 004 by AnnFrost-stocktextura 20 by jesuisautre
Six Wood Textures by lostandtakenReal texture_wood_pattern-02 by Aimelle-Stock


Pottery texture pack 04 by kittytexturesTextures 01 - Stock Pack by kuschelirmel-stockLight dots by magnolia-street
Angelina Resource - Texture 08 by AngelinaResourceVintage II Texture Pack by cloaksdiamonds dark by clandestine-stock

The 100's within Misc.

Waking Dream by lookslikerain100x100 Textures 7 by rainbowcoloredMisc Icon Light Textures by Scully7491
15 100x100 Textures - Set 003 by hakanaidreamstextures 91 by Sanami276morex2 100x100 cuts by masterjinn

Texture Tutorials

If you are still unsure of how to utilize textures here are a few extra tutorials that are aimed mainly in the application of texture.For full photmanipualtion tutorials where textures are used  you can browse Browse > Resources > Tutorials > Digital Art > Photomanipulation  

Photoshop Texture Tutorial by UponThouFairCatTutorial - Color and Textures by LikeGravitySimple Cloth Pattern Tutorial by sambeesTexture Tutorial by archetype-stocktexture and border tutorial by WCS-WildcatMnU Animation Adding Texture by Mars-and-Uranus
ABC to Manipulation - part 6 by EilorendilTexture Tutorial by kayceeus:thumb78301394:Texture Tutorial by pendlestock:thumb83307063:
HOW TO ADD TEXTURE by DeviantNepDMC Leather Texture - Tutorial by Evil-SirenVintage Tutorial Eng by LDGSherarRetro-Vintage-Tutorial by vachi-bumbernickle
:thumb56378466:How to Texturize by reikavich

Seamless Textures

How to create seamless textures that are useful for backgrounds or areas that you would like a specific part of a texture repeated.

Seamless Textures in Photoshop by redheadstockSeamlessly Tiling Backgrounds by kuschelirmel-stockMaking Textures in to Patterns by limon-butterfly

How to create Digitally.

:thumb83307489:How to Dye Paper by hibbaryLight Texture Tutorial for PS by draconis393:thumb25279428:


The most common miscats that would be found in Textures are images made with textures,tutorials,but mostly general sub catagory miscats,and sometimes things that have no reletion to textures what so ever.It always important to read your cat descriptions properly and place them in the right category and sub section,as your resource's will actually get the exposure they really deserve and it will aid our members to  find them easier.

Please take the time to read the Artist Relations Newsletter - June 26, 2008 where Moonbeam13'explains a little about deviantART building tools to allow deviants to help us move miscats,and how you the community can help us.

As always,please respect the guidelines and terms of use laid out by each Resource provider for any Resources that you use.


CR Love Stamp by kuschelirmel-stock
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